The Order of Illumination

For the past 350 years, the Order of Illumination has been the weapon of the Morrowan faith wielded against the darkest forces of the occult. Born out of a scandal of infernalism among the arcanists of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry, the order has weathered centuries of war, oppression, and revolution, all while fighting a covert and thankless battle against the forces of necromancy and the infernal.

The members of the order, known as Illuminated Ones, are sworn soldiers, investigators, arcanists, and witch hunters in the service of the Sancteum. They have vowed to uphold the tenets of the Church of Morrow and to confront and destroy practitioners of the dark arts of necromancy, infernalism, and mesmerism wherever they are found. The Illuminated Ones are the uncompromising judges and executioners of the church.

The Illuminated

Campaign Journal

The Illuminated Ones

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