The Illuminated Ones

Illuminated Journal 2

By Caleb Shaw

After our safe arrival at Corvis and departure with the Captain Skarrow and the people of Barrington, we headed to the Cathedral of Morrow where we were welcomed by Father Morten. His excitement couldn’t be contained when we presented the relic obtained from Father Decklan. After exchanging pleasantries, he returned to his chambers for its examination.

Soon after being shown to each of our chambers by Initiate Arias, we were summoned to meet with Watch Commander Julian Helstrom. It is then that we’re told that during the brief interlude since our meeting, Father Morten had been murdered and the relic stolen. It was insisted that we surrender our weapons and remain where we were as the investigation commenced. We in turn insisted to be involved in the investigation, as our interests mirror both that of the watch and the now-deceased Father Morten.

On inspection of Father Morten’s body and the state of his chambers, only a few pieces of evidence were to be found.

  • A dart protruded from his neck, which was carefully removed by Mathias in hope of preserving some of what may have coated it. There were traces of a clear liquid lining the tip, but Mathias was unable to determine what this was.
  • Mathias’ examination of the body revealed reaction to an extremely deadly poison that goes by the name “Khorva’s Kiss”. A victim’s death comes within moments.
  • The weapon used to deliver the dart was an injection pistol. Close proximity to the victim was needed, which was conveniently provided by an open window beside him.
  • Along with the relic, Morten’s assailant also removed his written observations. Thankfully the underlying papers remained and a charcoal rubbing revealed what these were.

A painting of Morrow, likely to be of the living man himself was what Father Morten observed. Beset in a frame of Rhulic, or Rhulic-imitation design some time after the painting was made. By his written words, it seems he saw the painting sans-frame and much of it was covered and in excellent condition. Could there be something more to this painting only visible once removed from the frame, or is there more value to it beyond the obvious?

Whilst the others went to obtain goods for the investigation, Zakhar and myself set to researching this relic with the resources available to us. It is intriguing that there is no mention of it anywhere that we looked.

Watch Commander Julian Helstrom sought us out for a status update and, upon hearing what we had found, informed us there have been another 3 murders recently using the same method.

  • Doorman at the Steam & Iron Workers Union
  • Watchman at Corvis University
  • John Doe in the Grocers Bourg

The Grocers Bourg was the closest and the scene of the crime showed a blood trail leading towards a sewer grate. The grate had been tampered with to provide access to the sewers and an attempt had been made to disguise this fact by way of patching it back up. We thought it wise for Mathias to concoct a treatment for Khorva’s Kiss should we encounter it, and a way for Zakhar and Lucian to see in the oppressive darkness.

Investigations at the university and the SIWU failed to provide anything useful. A watchman was killed due to seeing someone making an exit from a window, but the university is too large to determine what, if anything, was accessed and where from. We attended the SIWU next morning as it was getting late, but it made no difference as they refused access, citing they had nothing further to add to their previous report. Morrow forgive me for losing my cool with those ankle-biters.

Mathias proceeds to brew his potions for the next days’ sewer adventure. Meanwhile, the rest of us sought after the body of our John Doe. Initiate Arias tells us someone else also came seeking him. He described dark-robed men and the leader and speaker for them had a scar on his nose. Arias recalls them mentioning the name ‘Galt Keller’ in reference to him. They paid for a burial service and the body is now buried in the northern graveyard. Inspection of the tombstone reveals the name as they said and it also bears the insignia of the Order of Illumination. However, next to the insignia are the letters ‘O F’; no one else seems to know what these letters signify.

After the snubbing by the knee-highs at the SIWU the next morning, we ventured into the sewers. Aside from Devil Rats and the inescapable stench, the trek through those dark tunnels weren’t too bad.

Not long after navigating the newer tunnels into the older, less used regions, we encountered a crew of cutthroats. After blasting our way through some of them, our dart-injector-wielding assassin revealed herself. Thank Morrow none of those poison darts found their way into our flesh during the skirmish that ensued.

As is the way with firearms, there’s not many options for incapacitating in a non-lethal manner. Due to this fact, our assassin died before we could encourage her to reveal her client. At most, we managed to recover the injection pistol with an unused dose of “Khorva’s Kiss” and the golden frame from the stolen relic.

A message from the Menite temple was waiting for our return. Potentate Reynard has requested our presence…



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