The Illuminated Ones

Prologue - Part Two

Several days later, you find yourself within the battle‐scarred ruins of Barrington. Your journey was mostly uneventful, though you passed a number of refugee groups fleeing from war and strife. With the fall of the Thornwood to the Khadorans, the belligerence of the Trollkin Kriels, and skirmishes with the Skorne and the Protectorate, life on the borders of Cygnar has become fraught with peril. This has also extended inland, as the wreckage of several refugee groups you have discovered can attest. With an increase in traffic has come a commensurate increase in banditry, and the military forces of the Kingdom are stretched too thinly to adequately protect the roads. There was little you could do for the unfortunate victims, save for the saying of a benediction for the souls of the slain and ensuring a dignified burial of their remains.

You survey the shattered remains of the town. A surprise night time attack was launched against Barrington by the Skorne several weeks ago. They assailed the walls, broke inside, and completely overran the eastern half of town. The defenders rallied at the bridge, however, and a nine‐day battle for Barrington ensued. Thousands of Cygnaran troops and mercenary allies reinforced the town and the bridge became a scene of unbelievable carnage. Stymied, the Skorne destroyed the eastern half of town and then marched south. The focus of the campaign soon shifted to Fort Falk itself and Barrington seemed safe. Regiment after regiment was called away from Barrington to strengthen Cygnaran forces elsewhere.

The survivors began to rebuild. The eastern half of town was so thoroughly destroyed that it had to be temporarily abandoned. Barrington natives, plus many refugees from even less fortunate settlements, went to work in the ruins. The task of burying the dead took weeks and the rotting corpses caused a contagion that further reduced the survivors’ numbers.

The population of Barrington is currently around 75 people, mostly farmers and townsfolk. All able‐bodied residents are expected to contribute to the town’s defence, standing guard duty on the town walls and the riverfront palisade for a few hours a day in addition to their normal activities. The town is effectively under martial law, run by Garrett Scarrow, the Captain of the Watch.

Barrington’s temple was destroyed along with the rest of the eastern half of town, but Father Decklan has established a makeshift shrine close to the western end of the bridge, where he conducts services. From your interactions with the Priest, you know that he tends to be humourless, but he is honest, forthright, and extremely devoted to both Morrow and Cygnar. The cause for the lack of communication with his superiors was due to the time he has had to invest in aiding the townsfolk rebuild, in addition to the fact that no traffic has passed through the town until this morning, when a messenger from Duke Ebonheart arrived from Corvis. The Priest then dispatched his overdue correspondence with the departing messenger.

With your duties acquitted, you had begun to make preparations to return to Caspia; however, Father Decklan has begged an indulgence of you and asked that you remain for a few more days – the beleaguered citizens of Barrington could use your assistance. Garrot Scarrow has called for a town meeting in the square, and the citizens of the town begin to gather in anticipation of his words…



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