Diego Vela

Illuminated One



The subject displays characteristics that could be confusing to the casual observer, but easily explained upon deeper investigation into his personal background. The assessment took place over three weeks of field observation and personal discussions. The following represents our best insight into this asset, codenamed Strikeback.

- Vicar Rogier Marcuum


As Blessed Morrow teaches; all men are born with different gifts, which their choices either develop into full potential or are beaten down by the ‘better angels’ of their contextual, human judgement. What centuries of experience with the mortal coil teaches us, is that early influence is critical in shaping the nature of those choices and sometimes the decisions of youth are not as reflective of the free will we hold so dear, and more reflective of familial or authoritarian obligations. Who amongst us hasn’t known of a naturally left-handed child whose teachers beat him until he becomes ‘normal’?

Diego grew up in divided Llael, the son of an Amethyst Rose Gun Mage and a former courtier. From an early age he was schooled in the Llaelese art of duelling by an active, interested and very involved extended family that viewed the national pastime as the most honourable pursuit a man could engage in. Thanks to his uncles, aunts, cousins and parents, Diego could parry before he could count. When he was pushed to excel like his cousins and failed to reach that bar, he was beaten with the flat of his own blade. When he missed a target in pistol training, he was forced to collect the shell casings with his teeth.

He pushed himself to his upper limits, but still it would not compare to the prowess of his highly Skilled and Mighty cousins. Seen as somewhat of a failure within the family, his ambition to follow his mother into the Amethyst Rose was crushed.

The Khadoran Invasion slaughtered his family and it was only because Diego was accompanying a trade mission to Cygnar that he was spared their fate. When he learned of the fate of his family, years of rage, hatred and frustration boiled up within him. While his skills may not have put him on the same level as the professionals in his own family, they seemed more than adequate to duel on behalf of lazy, fat nobles in Cygnar. He won more professional duels than he lost and made a tidy living from the profession.

In his early 20’s he faced a youth of 16, accused of cuckolding Diego’s sponsor. The youth was clearly terrified, but forced by honour to present himself at the duel and see it through. A jaded Diego ran him through. The youth’s dying statement was to haunt Diego for the next four years – “tell her I’m sorry…”

Shortly after, Diego took up drinking and gambling to take his mind off the haunting visual that refused to depart his mind’s eye. Fighting only when funds were low and gold coins were needed to fuel his addictions, Diego spent four years in a robotic daze.
It was a chance meeting with a priest of Morrow in a gambling den that changed everything. As each man threw progressively larger chips on the table in successive hands of cards, the financial stakes weren’t the only ones being raised.

As Diego descended deeper into his cups, the priest garnered more insight into the disturbed young man in front of him. As they shared histories and the Morrowan sought guidance from above, it became startlingly clear that the lad he faced across the table was Gifted and his choices had significantly repressed his Gift.


The subject joined the order late in life. His talents were not overly suited to priestly pursuits and while passing the minimal requirements to wear the vestments of Morrow, his interests and conditioning push him towards a different path. His potential has been recognised by the Order of Illumination and he has been deployed to several hotspots across Cygnar since his training completed, normally as a deep cover operative.


- Diego still enjoys gambling, but it’s not the addiction it once was. These days he prefers to gamble in combat, normally with his life – it seems he is hell bent on tossing the dice with Morrow, his saviour (he is still unsure of WHY Morrow might have taken an interest in him)

- Diego has always insisted on helping the less fortunate – he personally and directly donates much of his income to those he meets who are suffering or in need

- Diego is swift and agile. While his strength does not compare to others, his combat style involves dancing out of range and relying on his custom-built armour (a gift from a wealthy patron) to protect him from most harm, while he uses rapier and pistol to good effect

- Diego has modified several commonly available accessories to his needs – his wrist spring holster is not designed to disguise the presence of his Execrator, it is meant to showcase it, as well as throw it quickly to hand. His ammo bandolier is built into his custom armour to make it all the more menacing.



Diego Vela

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