Father Decklan

Priest of Morrow - Deceased


Father Decklan was sent from Caspia to guide the masses when Barrington’s town priest was killed during the battle. As the only non-local, he has yet to make a place for himself among the townsfolk, but as a Priest of Morrow, he is treated with respect, if nor warmth. Most people prefer to go to Granny Mosley with their problems.

Barrington’s temple was destroyed along with the rest of the eastern half of town, bur Father Decklan has established a makeshift shrine close to the western end of the bridge, where he conducts services. The most educated person in the town, he also serves as an advisor to Captain Scarrow on spiritual and magical matters. Father Decklan tends to be humourless, but he is honest, forthright, and extremely devoted to both Morrow and Cygnar.

Father Decklan was killed after falling into a spiked pit trap left by Bogrin at a crossroads ambush site. Before he died, father Decklan passed a holy relic of Morrow he had recovered from the temple at Barrington on to the Illuminated, with instructions to deliver it to the Cathedral of Morrow at Corvis.

Father Decklan

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