Granny Mosley

Orphan Matron - Deceased


Granny is the oldest living inhabitant of Barrington and serves as a healer and general wise-woman for the town. Despite her title, Granny is a vigorous woman with a no-nonsense manner and an eye for practicalities. She is one of only a few people who live outside the town walls. Captain Scarrow has tried several times to get her to move to the center of the town, but she refuses to leave her home.

Among other things, Granny has been instrumental in seeing that the orphans left by the attack are looked after; she has farmed several of them out to surviving families, and at any time there can be seen three to six orphans living in her house and helping out with chores.

Granny was shot and killed by Lucian in order to prevent her from completing a profane ritual as part of her plan to avenge the death of her father.

Granny Mosley

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