Zakhar Melnokov

Illuminated One


Your Holiness High Vigilant Peer Marpethorne,

I am hereby writing to petition for the recruitment of Posadnik Zakhar Melnokov, Knight of the Order of Keeping.

Posadnik Melnokov has been in my service for three years now, and I feel his nature is better suited to the Order of Illumination than amongst the Keepers. As a knight whom beckons from the Horselords of Umbrea, he is of an impressive stature, even amongst his own people. Yet I feel his nature would be best served in performing the duties of the Order of Illumination, rather than being wasted here guarding the relics of our faith, and those too foul to be in the possession of our enemies.

The monks of our Order have conducted several interviews to fully establish the background and motivations of Posadnik Melnokov for your review.

Posadnik Melnokov was born to a minor noble family among the Horselords of Umbrey. This region of Khador is known for it’s faith in Morrow, and the Melnokov family were known to be especially devout within the region. At 16 years of age, Zahkar was conscripted into the Khadoran military, serving with the Winter Guard stationed at Port Vladevar. His served his nation in various conflicts, helping the defense against small Cryxian, Satyxis and pirate raids. For his efforts and stoicism, he was destined to be recruited as a member of the Iron Fangs.

But it was during this service, he had seen the horrors of the battlefield. Not only from the dark arts employed by the enemies, but also by the Orgoth weapons employed by the Doom Reavers. The carnage on the battle field, of both friend and foe turned him away from his service to his nation. As a result, he completed his conscription and came here to our monastery in order to devote his life to Morrow, and to ensure that these infernal artefacts were safeguarded for the benefit of the Immorese people.

For the past three years Posadnik Melnokov has been a devout knight of our order, tithing all his estate earnings to the church, and paying homage to the Divine Lord Morrow and Ascendant Katrena at each day’s first light. He has conducted himself in the highest manner, and has been taught the rudimentary skills to protect and retrieve our relics. However, his nature is not that of one who can stand idle and vigilant. His temperament is more for action and the now. He seeks to be able to banish the evil that plagues Immoren in the name of the Divine Lord Morrow and Ascendant Katrena, and to safeguard its people.

It is due to this fervour that I request our Posadnik to join the ranks of the Order of Illumination to further his training. I believe his devotion and eagerness to aid the peoples of Immoren against our dark adversaries would be best in the service of your Order. I shall leave this decision to yourself and the Vigilant Peers, and with the blessing of Morrow, hope that you see him as a worthy candidate for your ranks.

High Prelate Stepan Kasyanov
Dawn’s Blade Monastery of the Wyrmwall Mountains

Zakhar Melnokov

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